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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

New parking lot for Columbia College students

by Christina Delgman

Plans are in the works for a new parking lot for Columbia College students that should be done by next summer. 

With growth at the college, the need for more space is inevitable. At present, 50 parking spots are available in Banks Hall lot. With the new parking lot, a total of 150 parking spots will be available, said Bob Hutton, executive director of Administrative Services. The benefit of the new addition is that it will be close and more convenient for the students, Hutton said.

The new parking lot will be an extension to the Banks Hall lot and extend down Eighth Street. Hutton said the college is looking into the lot being gated for residential use. It has not been decided whether the lot will be residential or non-residential.
Melissa Grindstaff

Melissa Grindstaff, a human services major and Evening Campus student, said she has a hard time finding a parking spot on campus. Grindstaff said she would like to see one of the older residential lots be converted to off-campus student parking after the new lot is built. Grindstaff also said, “The parking lot across from the circle drive is really the only close parking, but it is so small there are not many parking spaces.” She said she usually has to park far away from her classroom building, which is a hassle, especially during cold weather. 
Katie Smith, a biology/chemistry major and Day Campus student said, “We do not need another parking lot for the residents.” Smith said the residents have plenty of parking; the Evening Campus students are the ones who need the parking lot.

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