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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Annual Pumpkin Festival brings crowds to Hartsburg

By Hyunji Lee

On Oct. 9-10, Hartsburg held the 19th annual Pumpkin Festival. At the Pumpkin Festival, the streets of Hartsburg were filled with many booths displaying arts, crafts and food. The festival offered entertainment, including the crowning of Pumpkin Festival King, a parade and musical performances.

Crowds line the streets at the Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival.
The Pumpkin Festival also provided many family activities such as a straw maze, corn maze, pumpkin pie eating contest, apple butter making, pumpkin painting and pumpkin carving.

Phillip Varvil, who came from Ashland with his family, said he has attended the Pumpkin Festival for 19 years, since he was 14 years old. He plans to attend the festival next year, which marks its 20th anniversary.

Craig Ryel came from Illinois to see the  Pumpkin Festival. He said that he heard about the the festival from his neighbor and made the seven-hour car trip to Hartsburg. “I checked out the weather before I came here, he said. "I think it is such a beautiful day to enjoy this festival."
Pumpkin crafts at the Hartsburg festival.
During the Pumpkin Festival, Hartsburg was crowded with many people. Music sounds spread throughout the town, and the sweet smell of food filled the air. Children and adults who walked around the festival looked happy because of the interesting crafts and other items that caught their eyes.
Many parents took photos of their children with the large pumpkins at Hackman Farms. Jo Hackman said they call the largest pumpkins in Hartsburg the "Big Mac." “The biggest one is 200-250 pounds," she said. "Three Big Macs are in my truck."

Festivalgoers bought various kinds and sizes of pumpkins. The money from the pumpkin sale is used for the needs of Hartsburg, including community activities. According to Hackman, they sell pumpkins until the end of October.
Hackman said the 2010 Hartsburg Pumpkin Festival is over, but information is available online. To get a pumpkin from Hackman Farms, call (573) 657-4556 or visit the Web site at

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