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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Cougar Connection

What on-campus club or organization do you think more students should be involved in?  

Columbia College Student Veterans:
“I think that more students should be involved in it. It shows that veterans are active in school and pursuing their educations.”
- Kimberly Morgan, senior, history major

Student Government Association: “I really like SGA. It’s a great organization but it definitely is under-publicized. In the elections this year, everyone who ran got the office they ran for because no one else was even in the running!"
- Andrea Gabrielson, freshman, Nursing major

College Republicans:
“I think that this club is very important for student to be involved in because we are all of voting age and it is important for us to be active voters and to keep up with what is going on.”
- Avery Born, freshman, American Studies major

Philosophy Club:
“If you are up for a good discussion or you just like to discuss ethical decisions, it’s a great club to be in! Being a pre-med student, I come into contact with ethical questions all the time so it applies to everyone."
- Christy Prutzman, senior, Forensic Science/Pre-Med major

Student Government Association: “It’s a great thing to be involved in. It really helps with networking skills. When a student first comes to college, they don’t know that many people, so it’s a good place to start.”
- Tyler Bowen, junior, Business Administration major

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