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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Fourth annual International Dinner serves up worldwide fare

By Young Min Jung

Many international students attend Columbia College. They are from a variety of countries such as Russia, China, Korea, Vietnam and Brazil. Their cultures are different from America, especially the food. Columbia College provided a chance to try many countries’ foods at the fourth annual International Dinner on March 18 in Dulany Hall.

According to Britta Wright, advisor of the International Club, the purpose of the International Dinner is to allow international students an opportunity to highlight their cultures through food. She said she got the idea of an international dinner while attending a conference. Several of her colleagues at different institutions told her about their experiences in hosting this type of event. The students helped to prepare and serve the food as a way to showcase their respective cultures. They assist the dining hall staff to prepare and serve the food, sharing recipes from all over the world. The event has gotten bigger and better each year, Wright said.

At the International Dinner, International Club members gathered their countries’ recipes and submitted them to Mark Althaus, general manager of Dining Services. Then they bought the ingredients to make the international dinner. The cost to buy the ingredients was provided by Columbia College.

At the International Dinner, there were a variety of foods made by students of many different countries. Bulgogi, jabchae and gimbap from South Korea, summer rolls from Vietnam, ingera and dorowhat 
from Ethiopia and plav from Kirgiz. “The International Dinner event is good because there are a lot of international students here. So, it’s good to know what kinds of food they eat. I had fun at the International Dinner. It was really good. I can’t choose which dish was the best,” Anni Lauri said.

Dulany Hall was decorated by International Club members using many countries’ flags. Before Dulany Hall was open for dinner, many Columbia College students and others waited in line for the buffet to begin.

The International Dinner coincided with Karaoke Night, which was a fundraising event for International Club. Students, staff and faculty could perform. According to the president of the International Club, Tram AnhNguyen, International Club members asked their professors to participate in Karaoke Night. Students got acceptances from many professors and staff. Audience members paid 50 cents to vote on who would sing songs at the event. The International Club raised nearly $165, which will be used to fund the club’s events.

Photo by Young Min Jung.

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