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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Cougar Connection

By Young Min Jung

“I’m going to go back to China where I have a business. I’ll carry my business
with my friends and get money to come back [to the United States]. That is the
most important thing I need to do. And I missed surfing, so I’m going to
enjoy surfing. I’ll enjoy going to the beach for surfing.”
– Pengyu Sun, sophomore

“I’m going to go to Houston, Texas, over the summer to stay with my older sister who lives there. It is going to be fun. Also, I plan to take summer classes, study some and enjoy the summer.”
–Rahel Mezgebu, freshman

“I’m not going to be an RA on campus anymore. I’m planning to stay in Columbia rather than Indianapolis and live with my girlfriend. We’re planning on getting a place together, and I’m planning on getting a job here in Columbia. I’m going to be a restoring a car, taking a summer class at Columbia College and visiting my hometown, Indianapolis, sometime.” –Nick McCarty, junior

“My summer plans are to go back home and work and hang out with my friends. I’ll be catching up on lost time with my family and my friends.”
– Cori Cole, freshman

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