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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

“The Bounty Hunter” fails to spark romance and laughs

By Wayne Boykin II

Hollywood has again failed to make a good romantic comedy. “The Bounty Hunter” was a waste of talent and what could have been a great story line. Jennifer Aniston and Gerald Butler’s performances were poor—not that they had much of a script to perform.

Milo Boyd (Butler) is an ex-cop who now is employed as a bounty hunter. His ex-wife, Nicole Hurley (Aniston), is a reporter for the local newspaper. Hurley bailed out of jail after being arrested for assaulting a police officer while she was investigating a suicide that she suspected to be a murder case.

On her way to her arraignment, Hurley jumped bail when she received a lead for her story and left the courthouse before she was able to see the judge. Boyd was given her bail to pick her up and bring her in. With the taste of revenge, he agreed to hunt her down.

As in every other Hollywood romantic comedy, Boyd finds Hurley and travels with her back to the jail. When he realized why she jumped bail, he became interested in the case and started to help her solve it. While working together, their feelings were rekindled. They ended up at a bed and breakfast that happened to be where they had their honeymoon.

The comedy strikes when Hurley overhears Boyd talking to his boss, telling him he was still bringing her in. During the night Hurley handcuffs Boyd to the headboard and steals his car. He ends up finding her again. They both solve the case, and then both end up in jail. This was an O.K. movie. It was predictable and boring most of the time. I give it a C.

“The Bounty Hunter.” Photo courtesy of Yahoo Movies.

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