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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Career Services Center offers job help

By Young Min Jung

 Getting a job is a very important issue for college students. Some students want to get a job to achieve their goals. Others want to earn money by working. Finding the right job is not easy.

 A college degree is just one step in the process of finding the right job. Before students can decide on a career, they first need to decide their major of study. Getting to know themselves can help them set goals. The Career Service Center offers assistance and training in self-assessment and goal setting. Students can take career assessments to find a job that’s right for them. The Career Services Center helps students to find a career that matches their values. Also, they can help identify which careers are possible to have in particular majors and degrees. They can provide information about graduate school.

 Some students want to see job listings because there are so many possible jobs. If someone is looking for special job that is not common, the Career Services Center might help them by providing employer descriptions and salary information from a wide variety of sources. Also, the Career Services Center can help students who want to work in a particular job but don’t know how to apply.
 Participating in a variety of activities and programs will help students find a job. The Career Services Center also offers internship opportunities and workshops.

 When students are ready to apply for jobs, the Career Services Center can help with writing cover letters and preparing resumes, sharpening interviewing skills and learning how to negotiate salary.

 “When we teach students how to write a résumé, students and staff of Career Service Center sit man-to-man. And we teach students the process of writing a résumé step by step.” said Dan Malson, director of Career Services.

 The Career Services Center is located in Room 211 of Atkins-Holman Student Commons. Students can find more information at or by calling (573) 875-7421.

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