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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

CC Connection

By Wayne Boykin II

How do you feel about America’s involvement in relief for Haiti?

I feel that America is putting a good effort by getting the word out there by advertisements, like the one Clinton and Bush did. Also by getting the American people involved.” -- Caitlin Jenkins, senior

It’s human suffering, and I think all countries should help human suffering. I am proud that we are at the forefront of helping the people of Haiti.” -- John Dudley, senior

Not surprised. It truly is what we do well, is helping those in need. I wish we will remember to be this generous with our neighbors and fellow Americans when they are in need.” – Dr. Amy Darnell, assistant professor of Speech Communication

Photo by Dr. Amy Darnell

I think that America’s effort to relieve disasters all over the world is probably more generous than other countries, but not enough. The American aid for Haiti is significant but complex and brings opportunity to the world to rebuild Haiti for the Haitian Nation.” -- Dr. Graham Higgs, professor of psychology

Photos By Wayne Boykin II (unless other wise noted)

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