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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

SGA prepares new constitution for 2010

By Robert Schmidt
SGA is beginning work on a new constitution that will go into effect next fall.  With amendments being added nearly every year, SGA President Jon Dudley, senior, said it was time for some major changes.

The idea was first introduced to the SGA Senate by senior Magda Pride.  Dudley said SGA agreed that many problems existed with the current constitution.  “It wasn’t as functional as it should be,” Dudley said. “Positions and roles weren’t explained.”  Kim Craig, sophomore, added that the constitution would contradict itself and often did not explain things.

Dani Maweoo, Spencer Alexander, Jamie Cade, Elisha Trousser, Craig, Pride and Dudley are all part of the Reconstruction Committee.  Members volunteered to be on the committee, which the senate decided should include six members plus Dudley in case a vote results in a tie.  The committee will work until the end of this academic year, with a rough draft ready by spring break Dudley said.  They plan to survey students, faculty and the administration to get feedback on what changes should be made. 

The public committee meetings are held Thursdays at 11 a.m. in St. Clair 12 but will be moved to a larger room if student attendance at the meetings increase.

Dudley said they will use the old constitution as a basis but will start fresh by including only the parts that worked in the new version.  Many of the committee members are freshmen, which Dudley said will help with interpretations.  Dudley said that a possible judicial committee to help with interpretation after the constitution has been enacted has been discussed, but its creation will not be decided on until later this year.

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