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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Group wants to add lockers for off-campus students

By Robert Schmidt

This year, SGA’s off-campus representatives began an effort to offer lockers to off-campus students at Columbia College.  The six-member team led by Kim Craig and Paula Willis began writing a proposal in October, which was presented before the SGA senate on Nov. 5 and approved.  Its next step will be to go before Bob Hutton, executive director of Administrative Services.  If approved, the lockers could be available as early as January.
Several problems remain to be resolved.  Craig explained that one issue is money.  The proposal estimates that the lockers will cost nearly $2,000, of which most will be provided by college administration.
Many other issues regarding the lockers are worked out in the proposal.  “We wanted to get as much detail as possible,” Craig said.  “If we have already thought out all of the details, including what color they will be, the cost, where they will be placed, and the system by which students check out a locker, we’re more likely to get it approved by the administration.”  She added that the process will be taken more seriously and it won’t require much work on their part aside from approving the money.
The proposal lists several possible spots for the lockers, including the basement of Dorsey Hall and the stairwell between Missouri Hall and the Atkins-Holman Student Center.  A survey was sent to all off-campus students after approval by the Human Subjects Committee.  About 200 Students responded, or approximately 26 percent of the off-campus population.  Over 75 percent, or 153 respondents, said they would like to see lockers on campus.  Over half of all respondents said they wanted the lockers in the basement of Dorsey.

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