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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Scary trend in women’s Halloween costumes

by Amanda Noel

Halloween in a college town is a very distinct time of year. It is the one holiday that gives students an excuse to throw huge parties where they combine risqué costumes with large amounts of alcohol. Women are able to wear next to nothing and not be looked down upon because they’re just wearing a costume.
The costume market is well aware of this notion and thrives on the production of barely-there wear. Even women who might not dress in a revealing way on a regular basis use Halloween as an excuse to strut their stuff.  Low-cut tops and short skirts are one thing, but there is a difference between sexy and scandalous when it comes to Halloween costumes. When things are hanging out that shouldn’t even be seen when wearing a bikini, that draws the line. No matter how “sexy” a woman might feel in her Halloween get-up, some things are best kept under wraps.
The scary thing about this trend in skimpy costumes is that it’s spreading to the younger market. Costume stores are now selling these overexposing outfits to teenage and even younger girls! Halloween should be a time when children use their creativity to dress up as whomever or whatever they want to be. The younger generations of girls’ innocent minds are being poisoned as they are manipulated into wearing something that they feel will make them look attractive rather than imaginative.
This goes for college women as well. Even at the age where women are young, unattached and surrounded by single men, they should not degrade themselves by wearing a costume based solely on sex appeal. Dressing in that fashion on Halloween may be accepted by women, but most men only have one thing on their mind when they see a woman dressed that way. Females young and old alike should show their creativity and be confident in what they want to wear on Halloween and not worry about whether they are attractive to the opposite sex.

Young girls’ Halloween costumes bare scary resemblance to racy adult women costumes.

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