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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

SGA plans changes in 2009-2010

By Robert Schmidt

Student Government Association elections were held on Wednesday, Sept. 9. Elizabeth Kauffmann, director of Student Activities and Leadership Development, said several spots are still vacant, including Cougar Village vice president, Miller C/D vice president and Miller A/B vice president. Students interested in filling an empty spot can do so by attending an SGA meeting, held Tuesdays at 11 a.m. in the Lee Room at Dulany Hall.

Representatives are expected to serve on committees that address specific issues on campus and attend all SGA meetings. John Dudley, president of SGA, said he hopes members of the student body will attend these meetings regardless and voice their opinions and concerns.

SGA has introduced a new feature this year. In March, chairman of the Columbia College Computer Club, Ben Miller, began work with the SGA Public Relations Chair, Abby Redfield, on a Web site for SGA. Miller says the Web site is now available online at Miller reported that the Web site is not completely finished, but it is well beyond the concept phase and soon will be finalized.

The team responsible for creating the site, including SGA board members Bobby Remis and Redfield, and computer club members Mike Talley and Miller, helped develop the site from scratch. “We experienced problems when showing on Internet Explorer, but in the end Mike Talley really did a great job coming through on the images for the site.”

Miller says the site was the brainchild of Redfield, and she put together a list of needs for the Web site including the SGA constitution, mission statement, meeting minutes, events, pictures of events and a contact page for SGA board members.

In addition, SGA is planning to have electronic ballots which Dudley says is being set up by Technology Services. This will be developed as the year progresses, but it should be ready before next year’s elections.

Photo by Robert Schmidt

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