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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

New CougarLink aims to streamline Campus Life communication

By Robert Schmidt

Students have undoubtedly noticed that they are no longer receiving mass e-mail from Campus Life and instead are now directed to postings on the new CougarLink. CougarLink is an online calendar available through eServices that is updated with campus events. Elizabeth Kauffmann, director of Student Activities and Leadership Development, said this change was implemented in order to adhere to new policies regarding emergency e-mails.

“Every time a student received an e-mail from Campus Life, it often was deleted or ignored,” Esnaldo Villalobos, an RA in Miller Hall said. “CougarLink was designed to better inform the students of activities.”

Kauffmann said that Cougar Link has been in the works for a few years and was implemented with the overhaul of the college’s Web site. Events added to CougarLink are categorized by the type of event, whether it is campus sponsored, an athletic event, community event or other. Submissions for an event to be added to CougarLink may be sent to Each week the list of events will be distributed and updated to the CougarLink page on the Columbia College Web site.

Despite the changes, some members of the student body have not yet been sold on the idea. Senior Nick Pyatt said, “I wish it wasn’t quite so messy” in reference to the page layout, but added, “It’s a relief not to get so many e-mails [about on-campus activity].” Off-campus senior, Bobby Kurtz, also thought that fewer e-mails were better. “I’d rather check one e-mail a week and look through the events than get 20 e-mails a day,” he said.
Senior Anton Lukyanov disagreed. “I actually prefer e-mails, I hardly ever go to CougarLink,” Lukyanov said.

To access CougarLink, go to

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